GCSE Results Day 2018

Posted on: 23/08/2018

Redruth School are celebrating a record set of GCSE results. Last year the school had results above the national average and this year there has been a further improvement.

The percentage of students achieving at least a 4 (Grade C) in English is 78% and Maths 77%.

The percentage of students gaining a 4 in both, which is a government target, is 70%.

The percentage gaining at least a 5 in both, which is another government target, is 45%.

The percentage of students gaining 5 good GCSE’s including English and Maths of at least grades A-C is almost 70 %.

All Students have achieved well but the number of students gaining grades of at least a 7 (Grade A) or above is excellent. Some notable achievements include: 

Reuben Rodgers - 5x9's, 4x8's, 1x7

Josh Thomas - 4x9’s, 2x8's, 1x7 

Rebecca Trudgeon - 3x8’s, 5x7’s 

Amber Tozer -  2x9’s, 3x8’s, 3x7’s 

Joanne Parker - 1x9, 5x8’s 4x7’s 

Bethany Prouse - 4x8’s, 4x7’s 

Jemma Price - 2x8’s, 6x7’s 

Catilin Newman - 3x9's, 4x8’s, 1xA*, 1x7's 

Aisha Mouhout - 2x9’s, 3x8’s, 4x7’s 

Jack Clarke - 2x8’s, 4x7’s 

Ethan Daddow - 1x8, 5x7’s 

Teone Burridge - 4x9’s, 1x8, 4x7’s 

Tom Richards - 1x8, 6x7's 

Keziah Bird - 1x9, 1x8, 5x7’s 

Andreea Strugariu - 1x9, 5x8’s, 1x7 

“I am genuinely delighted for this special group of young people. They have been a real credit to our community and deserve all the success of today. Their hard work has paid off and they have contributed enormously to the lifeof our school which goes from strength to strength. “

Craig Martin, Headteacher

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