Through the overall school aims we strive to develop a trusting and caring environment, based upon mutual respect and understanding where all people are treated fairly. The school ethos is based on these aims and around the qualities of care, courtesy, consideration and common sense.

Rights and Responsibilities

Teachers have the right to teach, and students have the right to learn in a classroom free from disruptive behaviour.

Teachers are responsible for establishing the rules and directions which clearly define the limits of acceptable and unacceptable student behaviour. Students are responsible for maintaining good order in the school by following the rules and directions set by the school.

Students are expected to:

Behave in an orderly, purposeful and sensible manner at all times. Show courtesy and respect to all members of the school and visitors to the school. Be thoughtful, helpful and understanding to each other at all times.

 School Trips and Visits

The agreed rules apply to all students. Staff will deal firmly and fairly with misbehaviour wherever it occurs. A record of incidents will be kept and will inform future participation. Incidents of serious misbehaviour on school visits will always be reported to parents, and may result in permission to take part in future trips being withdrawn.

Behaviour For Learning Policy

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