Leadership Team & Key Contacts

Senior Leadership Team Name

Mr C Bonds 

Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs B Haslam

Deputy Headteacher Miss E Kettlewell
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L McTeare

Assistant Headteacher

Mr D Bartlett

Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Cable

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs M Cornish

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs J King

Assistant Headteacher

Ms L White

Strategic SEND Lead Mrs L Slim
Senior Lead Wellbeing and Mental Health Mr M McGovern
Support  Name

Miss K Skilbeck


Mrs J McClelland

01209 203700

Headteacher's PA

Miss H Trerise

Student Attendance

Miss L Cannell

01209 203727


If you have a query for a particular member of staff please email enquiries@redruth.cornwall.sch.uk and it will be directed to the member of staff. 

Languages Department

Mrs J Bonheme
Mrs C Gower
Mr A Housset
Mrs B Morales-Padron
Mrs E Torres-Moreno
Mrs H Watson

Humanities Department

Mrs M-L Brown
Mr C Contrino
Miss K Conway-Baker
Miss A Curnow-Care 
Miss E Dixon
Miss C Fox 
Miss L Hawkesworth
Ms K Hill
Mrs K Horner
Mrs J King
Mrs A Moore
Mr J Pellow
Mrs S Profaska
Miss A Sparrow
Mrs S Strong
Miss H Wagstaff
Mr J Wallis

English and Media Department

English and Media
Mrs L Austin
Miss A Bancroft
Miss R Barratt
Mrs N Briscoe
Mr L Collins
Mrs A Corker
Mr S Defriend
Miss M Duffield
Mrs H Endean
Mrs L Grace
Miss A Herlihy
Miss N Netherton
Mr M O'Shea
Mr H Pickard
Ms K Rushbury
Mrs C Spinks
Miss R Sullivan 

Creative Arts Department

Creative Arts
Mrs C Burchell-Edwards
Miss E Cackett
Miss L Cumes
Mrs J King
Mrs R Lloyd
Mrs H McGovern
Mrs S Profaska
Mr N Souter

Physical Education Department

Physical Education
Mr D Bartlett
Miss J Borlase
Mr R Brown 
Miss S Clouter
Mrs F Coombes
Mr R Kennedy
Mrs D Kennedy
Mr C Phillips
Miss K Skilbeck
Miss K Treloar

Mathematics Department

Mr S Annis
Mr J Downie 
Mr S Flint
Mrs B Haslam
Mr M Leah
Mr A Mayes
Mr M Peacock
Mrs C Richards
Mr A Robson
Mrs T Sawalha
Mr S Taylor
Mr J Telling
Mrs M Wade


Miss K Aylin
Miss L Barry
Mrs J Binmore
Mr M Bosley
Mr B Clifford
Miss H Goodyear
Dr N Gower
Mr N Hunt
Mrs N Jackman
Mrs K Myers 
Miss R Phillips
Mr J Polglase
Mr P Saunders
Dr S Scaife
Miss H Wright

Technology Department

Miss L Federici
Mr G McMahon
Mr P Morgan
Mrs C Smith
Mrs B Vowell

Computing and ICT Department

Computing and ICT
Mr T Allerton
Mr P Roberts
Mr A Rogers

Vocational Studies Department

Vocational Studies
Mr S Defriend
Miss N Jackman
Mrs J King
Miss K Treloar
Mrs H Watson
Ms L White
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