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Class charts

Class Charts, is Redruth School’s online platform to help students and parents/carers keep track of homework, achievements, behaviour and attendance, and stay up-to-date with what is going on in school.


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The Class Charts platform allows students and parents/carers to view:   

  • Students’ timetable and class overview
  • Details of Homework/Blended Learning tasks, online submission/feedback where applicable
  • Achievements and rewards
  • Latest announcements from school
  • Notifications of consequences/detentions
  • Students’ attendance records (and parents can notify school of absence, and upload supporting evidence e.g. appointment screenshots

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‘Class Charts for parents’ can be accessed via the website or through the iOS or Android App for your smart phone (download from the login screen or scan the QR code below). 

Parent Guide:


‘Class Charts for students’ can be accessed via the website; or through the iOS or Android App for your smart phone (download from the login screen or scan the QR code below). 

Student Guide:

Class charts QR code

Class Charts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Students & Parents

Q: I cannot log in to Class Charts.

A: You will need to contact reception on 01209 203700 or email if you do not know your Parent or Pupil Invite Code, this can also be provided by the Tutor, reception or any other teacher. Parents/carers: If you have already signed up and forgotten your password, you can reset this yourself by selecting forgot password on the login screen. Students: You can only sign in with your Pupil Code. If you have forgotten this ask your tutor (or reception/any other teacher) or email (will reply during school hours).

Students have been recommended to save their Pupil Code in their mobile phones and in a Word document in their school one drive account if they need to access this outside of school hours. The Pupil Code was also emailed to students when their account was first set up, so can be found by searching their school email account inbox. It is also recommended that parents/carers note down the Pupil Code for each child

Q: I can only see one child in my parent/carer app

A: You will need to add your other child(ren) to your app account using each child’s unique invitation code. You then click on the name of the child on the dashboard to look at their individual data.

Q: I need my Parent Code/Pupil Code re-setting (security Issue only)

A: If you are concerned that there is a security issue with your Parent or Pupil Code, this can be re-set, otherwise the code remains the same at all times. You will need to contact reception on 01209 203700 or email This is not the same as a password re-set for parent/carers which is done through the login screen.

Q: I am not receiving email notifications from Class Charts

A: Email notifications go to the email address recorded on SIMS (not the email address you have used to set up your Class Charts account, if this is different). Firstly, check your junk mail or spam settings, in case they are being re-directed and un-filter these. If they do not appear, your email address on our school system may not be up-to-date, please contact

Q: What is the difference between Homework and Blended Learning

A: Homework is work to be completed by all students of a Class/Subject, set by their teacher/tutor or a department. Blended Learning is work set for students who are absent to ensure that they do not have any gaps in their learning and are able to follow the curriculum when they return, or for students to access the curriculum when in alternative provision such as Reflection or the ELC.

Q: Work has been set by a teacher who is not the usual class teacher, should this work be completed?

A: Many departments set homework centrally, so the teacher uploading the work may not be the usual class teacher. The work still needs to be completed and submitted. The usual class teacher will be monitoring the work, and giving feedback where applicable.


Q: I cannot see where to submit/upload completed work

A: Submission of work is only possible on the student account. If you are using a parent account, you will not be able to submit/upload work. Log in using the student account. Navigate to the homework section. When the relevant ‘homework’ is selected you will see ‘My attachments’, where you can upload up to 5 files (e.g. photos/office documents) a maximum of 250mb each.

Q: I am unable to submit/upload a file

A1: Check the file size. Only files 250mb or less can be submitted. You may need to reduce the file size if a photo is too large or compress the size of images used within a PowerPoint document (using compress picture function). You can also save some files as alternative file types such as PDFs which will reduce the file size.

A2: Check that the file type you are trying to submit is supported by Class Charts (.doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx .pdf .pub .png .jpg .gif .rtf .mp3 .odt .odp .csv)

Q: I cannot find a task after the deadline has passed

A: Navigate to the homework section. Change the date range settings, the default is to see tasks by due date, showing the past 7 days and the upcoming month.

Q: How do I see feedback from the class teacher?

A: Navigate to the homework section. Select the relevant task. If feedback has been left a ‘feedback’ icon will appear on the task. Expand the task and you will see the written feedback next to the attachment(s). Please note, not all work will be given feedback. If multiple attachments have been submitted/uploaded, the teacher will not necessarily comment on each individual item.

Q: Can I communicate to the teacher using Class Charts?

A: No. Any communication needs to be emailed to or directly to the class teacher/ member of staff. To help direct your enquiry to the right person please include the student’s full name and Tutor Group in your email.


Q: I cannot open a PDF resource that a teacher has uploaded on Class Charts

A: You may not have a PDF viewer on your computer. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded for free from


Q: I have been asked to view or create an Office Document (e.g. Word/PowerPoint/Excel) but I do not have Office on my computer

A: Students can download and save attachments from Class Charts in their Redruth School Microsoft One Drive, and then open them in Microsoft Office online, accessed by logging in from the Student Portal on using your school email address [school username] and your usual password. Students can also create new Microsoft Office documents in Microsoft Office online.

Using Microsoft Office online and One Drive

Q: I cannot see past behaviour or attendance information

A: Navigate to the behaviour or attendance section. Change the date range settings.

Q: The attendance percentage (%) is not as expected or there are unexpected absences showing in attendance AM or PM

A: Change the date range settings as the app shows the attendance for the selected date range, as well as since August. Please contact the attendance officer with any specific queries.

Q: I have reported an absence through the Parent App but can no longer edit this

A: Once an absence has been reported and acknowledged by an attendance officer it cannot be edited or deleted. Please contact the attendance officer.

Q: I am still having issues with Class Charts not covered in the FAQs

A: Please email outlining the nature of the issue, ensuring that you give the student name and Year Group in the email.


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