Equality Statement

Redruth School is committed to equality.

Our core principles are:

We do our best to ensure that everyone is treated respectfully and fairly.

We ensure that the whole school site is a safe environment for all.

Everybody’s needs are different and we understand that we should not treat everybody the same, as this may cause a disadvantage to some, we therefore, treat them equally.

We aim to ensure a respectful environment where nobody should receive less favourable treatment because of their, colour, ethnicity, origin, age or sexual orientation.

We provide additional targeted and timely support for those students who require extra help.

We involve and consult with different groups within the school community to create a democratic process for decision making. This is achieved through direct student consultation, the Student Council and Parent/Carer questionnaires.

Equality Objectives

  1. Our school environment aims to be supportive of the diverse needs of our students and provide a rich, varied and stimulating learning experience which is free from bullying, victimisation and harassment.
  2. We aim to achieve this though the recruitment of appropriately qualified personnel, adhering to our safer recruitment policy, and establishing a governing body which is representative of all sectors of our community.
  3. Regular assessment of students learning is carried out, to track progress and ensure all groups of students are achieving the best possible results. Groups include ethnicity, gender, disability, free school meals entitlement and pupil premium.
  4. Our school performance is compared to national data and Local Authority data to ensure students make appropriate progress when compared to other schools.

Single Equality Policy

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