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Redruth School has a thriving programme designed specifically for our More Able students. Our mission statement is centred around three core values:

“We are a challenge seeking species” – Mary Myatt – Challenge is at the core of the Mable programme. Every child needs opportunities to work outside of their comfort zone, and succeed, in order to progress and reach their full potential.

“The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated” – George Bernard Shaw – There is no limit to aspiration. All our students deserve to be educated about the multitude of possibilities which are open to them once they leave our care, encompassing areas they are familiar with and dreams they didn’t expect they could achieve.

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“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world” – Malala Yousafzai – We promote a love of learning in our students. Much of our work is student led, with supportive guidance from experts and professionals. Students are encouraged to pursue whatever they love, educate themselves on a wide range of topics and consider how they might use this rich knowledge to change their lives and the world around them for the better.

There are a variety of opportunities open to students to allow them to achieve our mission statement.

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Redruth School is proud of the continuing success of its LEAP Centre (Leadership, Excellence, Accelerating Progress).  The LEAP opened in September 2018 and runs a bespoke programme for our More Able (MABLE) students in all year groups. The centre itself is situated in the heart of the school and has facilities that include technology, break out and seminar areas.

Our centre does not require an entrance examination and students will continue to follow their existing timetable alongside their peers. The LEAP programme begins in lessons with a challenging curriculum and extra stretch and challenge for students. Students who have been invited to join the extra curricular LEAP Programme then have a variety of exciting activities, projects and events to fully immerse themselves in; this is facilitated by school staff and external speakers.

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Both Key Stage 3 and 4 MABLE students are offered a rolling programme of after school cross curricular experiences over the year. This strives to foster their love of learning and enables them to make important connections across all areas of their school life. Students have recently taken part in workshops that varied from Engineering to Latin; from Coding to History. The programme broadens their knowledge of key subjects and sees staff sharing with students their own expert knowledge from their A-Level or degree studies.

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Additionally, we run the Redruth Scholars programme. Students are invited to apply and a small selection of students from each year group are chosen to take part. This group focuses on aspirations. Sessions include zoom calls with Russell Group universities, planning and preparation for future choices and activities which broaden their cultural capital. We strive to ensure students have the highest aims for their future and it is our duty to give them access to a full range of pathways.

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There is also a plethora of activities which are held throughout the year from external providers. These include: Falmouth University taster sessions; Exeter University Scholar's programme; Oxford University Challenge; Bebras computational thinking competition; and talks from Redruth School alumni and professionals from companies such as Amazon and the BBC.

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Extra Curricular:

Many out of school opportunities are also frequently advertised to students - this year we took a group of students to Oxford University, have had students taking part in Saturday Schools run by different post-16 providers, students signing up for a Space Camp run by Newquay Space Port in partnership with Goonhilly, attendance at seminars facilitated by King's College London, and being given the chance to report on exciting local events such as the opening of the Space Port, St Piran's festivities, and events at Kresen Kernow. We are also really proud to be entering the Lego Robotics League for the first time this year. A highlight of our calendar is STEM week – during this week we hold a huge array of interactive activities for students in all areas of STEM and have industry professionals coming in to do talks to the students. We are also part of the consultation group for Oxplore – this is a critical thinking programme and Oxford University have been using the advice of our teachers to help create an exciting selection of opportunities which we will be involved in in the future.

Upcoming Events: 

  • STEM Week
  • Oxford University Science Workshop
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Workshop
  • Lego League
  • Armed Forces Sessions
  • Falmouth University Trips
  • Super Saturday
  • Oxplore Festival
  • Oxplore Hackathon
  • Oxford University Trip
  • Philosophers Tea Party

Schedule for 2023-2024



You can follow the links below to explore further opportunities. There are many links and challenges in the Stretch Your Thinking document.

Stretch Your Thinking  Redruth School Challenge Booklet

Explore University Options


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If you require any further information please contact Ms Katie Hill, More Able Co-ordinator,


March 2024, Y10 Oxford University Trip:

Last week, a wonderful group of 26 Y10 students visited Oxford University’s Exeter College to experience life as an undergraduate student for the day.

They participated in English, Politics and Medicine led by postgraduate research students. It was fantastic to seem them engaged at a high level, asking questions, contributing to discussions and developing critical thinking skills. We covered in topics as far reaching as modern-day democracy to gene editing to the Zapatistas in Mexico to vaccine development to poverty & satire in the 18th century. We had a tour of the college, experiencing what it was like to be surrounded by stunning architecture and eating in the college’s medieval dining hall.

Students reflected on ‘How much more accessible it is than I thought’ in their feedback countering previous perception of Oxford as outside the reach of those from lower income backgrounds. 25% more of the students said they would now consider going to university compared to before the trip.

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