Learning Resource Centre (Library)

The Learning Resources Centre is a whole school facility, and offers a contemporary and pleasant learning environment. It is situated on the ground floor near the Modern Foreign Languages department. It is staffed by the LRC Manager, Mrs Smith, who is assisted by a group of student LRC volunteers.

The LRC is open every day and all are welcome. The on-duty staff and students are there to help students with their homework, find books or magazines to read. 


There are over 10,000 books, both fiction and non-fiction which can be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time. Students and staff are able to search for books on the ‘Accessit’ system to see if they are currently available in the library.

To view the catalogue click here

Accelerated reader information:

Use this link to check if your book has a quizz linked to it:

To check if a book from home is on the accelerated reader list, please click here.

Opening hours:

Mon - Friday 8am to 3pm

Students can pop by during breaks. The library is available during lunch time to student for quiet reading. Passes are available each morning from Mrs Smith at the library help desk.

Homework Club

Homework Club








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