Home School Agreement

Home-School Agreement



To be successful a school needs a partnership between governors, teachers, parents and students based on shared values and high expectations. An understanding and acceptance of the roles of all the partners helps to create an environment in which students are secure and can take responsibility for their learning and personal development.

       Student and Parent Expectations of the School

  • A safe and pleasant environment where learning can prosper
  • An ethos where students are valued as individuals
  • The development of individual talent to the full
  • Recognition and celebration of achievement
  • Challenging and stimulating work which meets the needs of the individual
  • Work which is conscientiously marked
  • Regular and clear information on individual progress
  • Professional care and guidance
  • The promotion of health
  • Commitment to the delivery of quality careers guidance
  • Opportunities and encouragement for parents to meet teachers
  • Sympathetic and fair consultation on concerns
  • Quick response to enquiries and complaints


Governor and Teacher Expectations of Students and Parents

  • Support for the aims and ethos of the school
  • Punctuality and regular attendance
  • Ensuring students are prepared for lessons
  • Fostering a positive attitude towards learning
  • Working hard to achieve individual potential
  • Acceptable behaviour with no disruption to others
  • Respect for staff, one another, the environment and property
  • Courtesy to all members of the community
  • Parental encouragement and recognition of effort and achievement
  • Parental support for policies on uniform, discipline and homework
  • Parental liaison with the school on issues of student behaviour and progress
  • Attendance when possible for parent/teacher consultations
  • Mobile phones should be switched off and in students’ bags during the school day.


“I/We, the parent/carer(s), have read and agree to the Home – School Partnership above”.

“I/We, the parent/carer(s), agree to support Redruth School in maintaining the Code of Conduct and the strict application of School Procedures as outlined in the School Prospectus and the Behaviour for Learning Policy”.

Home School Agreement Date  
Parent School Agreement.docx 23rd Apr 2018 Download
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