Headteacher's Welcome

At Redruth we believe that school should be a happy place where students feel safe and secure. Learning should be fun and exciting so students are engaged in their studies.

We are very proud of our learning environment and the high standards of achievement reached by our students at the school. We believe that every child can succeed in life if challenged and inspired. We want our students to be ambitious for themselves and be confident they can rise to the challenges that lie ahead for them as they go on their journey through our school and beyond.

We encourage our students to celebrate their individuality and to have respect and tolerance for others, appreciating diversity and understanding the importance of community. There is a focus on instilling British values within their education to develop resilient, resourceful and innovative individuals who can make a positive contribution to their community and society in general.

Students should enjoy learning and teachers enjoy teaching, we believe that school is a place that students can make mistakes and learn from them and where kindness and good manners are as important as academic success.

At Redruth School the students come first, this is reflected in everything we do. A strong academic curriculum, supported by outstanding extra-curricular provision, help Redruth students develop the necessary skills to be successful in adult life.  

Redruth School makes a difference to young people and we very much look forward to welcoming your son or daughter to the school and becoming one of our successes of the future.

 Craig Bonds, Headteacher

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