Redruth Remembers

Posted on: 11/11/2019

Redruth School observed 2 minutes silence today at 11am. Sam G expertly played the Last Post both in the school and by our memorial. Students involved in uniformed clubs such as armed forces cadets, Scouts and Guides proudly wore their uniforms, and students have supported the Poppy Appeal, making donations in school. 

Last Post video

Jessica, a Year 9 student and a founding member of the Redruth Poetry Society, wrote this poem to remember:

We fought for your country
We lost our lives
And how do you repay us?
Sometimes you forget

We sacrificed our children
And ourselves
But you repay us with forget

We made deadly weapons
And bombs
And tanks
All to protect you
But you forget what it cost

It cost lives
And even towns
But you never remember us for that

You say our symbol is the red poppy
True as it is
But what about the world?
The one we fought to protect

We ask you one favour
Remember us
For we are the fallen
Never forget us
Or let our spirits drift away

Wear the red poppy
The colour of our blood
And forever we will protect you
Remember us
For we are the fallen

- never forget the brave warriors that fought for your country in the world war -


Remembrance Last Post

Remembrance Last Post 2

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