GCSE Results Day 2019

Posted on: 22/08/2019

Redruth School are celebrating a fantastic set of results. Students at the school are averaging a Grade 5 in all subjects. This represents the best average grades for students that the school has had. 70% of all children are achieving an English and Maths Grade 4(C), and equally almost 70% of children are achieving 5 GCSEs at 5 or above, including English and Maths. 44% of children are achieving a pass in English and Maths at the higher grade of 5+.

Redruth School is delighted that the students have achieved the highest grades possible in a number of subjects with a record number of Grade 9s, including Tabs Vaughan who achieved an amazing 9 Grade 9s. Significant results for other students include:

Megan C     2x9s, 5x8s, 1xA

Laura G      2x9s, 6x8s, 1x7

Charlie H    2x9s, 4x8s

Mikey K      3x9s, 1x8, 2x7s

Skylar K     2x9s, 4x 8s, 3x7s

Bryher M    1x9, 3x8s, 6x7s

Esther R     3x9s, 2x8s, 3x7s

Siana R      4x9s, 2x8s, 2x7s, 1xA*

Jamie S     4x8s, 2x7s

Millie T       2x9s, 5x8s, 1xA

Tabs V        9x9s, 1x8, 1xA*

Sam W       2x9s, 1x8, 3x7s


Headteacher, Craig Martin, said “I am delighted as headteacher for the class of 2019. This year’s outcomes include some extraordinary results for our students. We have as a school quadrupled the number of 9s achieved, which represents the highest possible grades in the reformed, tougher GCSEs.

Three in every four students at Redruth achieved a pass, grade 4(C) in each of the core subjects of Maths, English and at least two sciences. Our well balanced curriculum means there were equally impressive results in the creative arts, languages, technology, humanities, sport and vocational studies.

I am, as head, delighted that our students have not only reached their potential but often exceeded it in terms of outcomes. All students from all abilities and with all different paths deserve mention and congratulations whether they are heading for further education, apprenticeships or A levels. Destinations include music college, an international swim academy, marine school, the Army, performing arts college, International Baccalaureate, engineering and a wide mix of A levels. Apprenticeships include construction, electrician, accountancy, hospitality, health and social care and sports coaching.

Our school prides itself on an all-round education and whilst reaching potential is an important part, so too is the friendship, opportunities, responsibilities, respect and sheer enjoyment which I trust this group have enjoyed and now carry on to their next stage. They have, as a group, worked extremely hard and been a credit to the school, their parents/ carers and the community. It is great to see them fulfilling their potential and I wish them well in the next stage of their lives. 

Thanks to our students, staff and parents/ carers for making the school what it is: a great school in the heart of its community."

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