Enquire about the Empire

Posted on: 26/01/2021

Year 8 History students stepped back in time to learn about Empires, more specifically back to the 16th century to the beginning of the British Empire.

Did you know that by 1922 Britain had become the largest empire the world had ever seen?  Ruling over 458 million people over approximately a quarter of the Earth’s land surface!

Students delved deep into the facts and events of how our empire grew, weighing up the positives and negatives from being an empire.

Their teacher, Mrs Moore, then challenged her pupils to write a persuasive letter to the Department for Education arguing why it is so important to study the history of the British Empire, to include in their letter what they felt Britain should be proud of during its time of rule but also what events and actions they found to be shocking and how these historical times are still important to learn about for the future of generations to come.

Chloe and Emily produced two very convincing letters which really stood out.

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