Science Experiment Excitement at Home

Posted on: 25/09/2020

The virtual Super Saturdays continue with kitchen roll chromatography and red cabbage indicators.

The children were challenged to try both experiments.  Using kitchen roll chromatology they were able to partially separate out the different colours of felt tip pens. With the red cabbage indicator they made a PH gauge to test if a substance is acid or alkaline.  

Just take a look at the children's test result photos to see how many colours are contained within a single felt tip pen and variety of acid/ alkaline the cabbage indicator gave (the more red the more acidic the more blue the more alkaline)- brilliant work from our budding scientist!



Amelia- (red cabbage indicator) Cusgarne Primary School

Ellis - (red cabbage indicator) Cusgarne Primary School

Eleanor - (kitchen roll chromatology) Pencoys Primary School

Sophia - (kitchen roll chromatology) Trewirgie Junior School

Kadie - (kitchen roll chromatology) Treleigh Primary School

Taro- (kitchen roll chromatology) Perranarworthal Primary School


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