Word Millionaires Lunch Party

Posted on: 11/07/2019

We have had another successful year with  the Accelerated Reader programme  and the students across Years 7 and 8 have collectively read an incredible 159209463 words, which is fantastic.

To celebrate the success of those individuals who have read over one million words in a year, we held our annual Millionaire’s Party. This year we had over 40 successful students who were invited to come along and celebrate like a millionaire!

Our top reader from Year 7 was Lily Butterworth who has read an astonishing 4283526 words and in Year 8 Solomon Chown topped the charts with a whopping 2732040 words read this year.  

Lily Butterworth had the highest word count overall and received a special award for her achievements.

All the students received a certificate and book as a prize.

We are very proud of these students and their achievements and challenge them to continue to serve as awesome reading ambassadors in our school, encouraging and enthusing others to enjoy reading as much as they already do.



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