Spaceport visit

Posted on: 06/12/2022

On Tuesday 29 November, 35 students from Years 7 to 10 took part in an exciting STEM enrichment opportunity to visit Spaceport Cornwall, ahead of the first satellite launch in the UK, expected to take place before Christmas.


Students took part in an interactive presentation and quiz where they discovered the science and engineering behind the launch, and how satellite technology is being used in our everyday lives, as well as a range of other scientific or commercial purposes including: improving crop yields on farms; environmental monitoring such as deforestation rates and even detecting evidence of human trafficking or smuggling at sea. They were also made aware of the issues such as space debris and carbon emissions from rocket fuel, which have to be carefully balanced. They also learnt about the Kernow 1 Sat, a satellite being designed, built, launched and tracked in Cornwall, which will be used initially to monitor sea pollution and wave heights, and help decide the best location to plant a kelp forest to help absorb carbon emissions. Students also found out about the huge variety of careers in the aerospace industry and the different pathways through university and apprenticeships open to them. After their presentation students got to look at a model of the 70ft rocket and a glimpse of the carrier 747 aircraft Cosmic Girl.

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