Most Able programme - a wonderful start to the year!

Posted on: 15/12/2021

This year's Most Able programme is underway. There is a sense of ‘a buzz in the air’ for the up and coming planned events. Those students who are involved will meet several times during the week and be able to participate in different strategy tasks to test their abilities. Challenges will be set for them to encourage critical thinking and designed to broaden their knowledge.  Regular debates will also be part of the weekly sessions. 

Miss Bancroft who runs the programme, explained: “after school we have a detailed schedule of events, from subject led sessions to university workshops, from guest speakers to careers advice”. Currently 20 students from Years 7-10 have been selected and invited along to attend the programme.
Each Thursday will showcase a combination of after school webinars run by TeenTech and additional university run sessions.These sessions are for a wider group of students and will cover information on global challenges and technology, and also teach students how to create their own solutions. The university sessions will be based on subject area interest. Over 70 students attended the TeenTech webinar session on Thursday which was a successful turnout. Miss Bancroft commented; “A wonderful start has been made to the programme and students have been such a credit to the school”.

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