Y10 Film Students 'a joy to work with' as they showcase the importance of digital skills in Cornwall 

Posted on: 05/03/2021

In December 2020, our Y10 Film Studies class produced a series of professional videos over 3 days to showcase how digital skills can help young people succeed in a wide variety of carers. 

Screen Cornwall were commissioned by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Digital Skills Partnership and invited 12 Film students from Redruth School to profile four young people in different careers in Cornwall who all use digital skills as a vital part of their job. Over the 3 days our students researched, planned and created the videos even interviewing one of the subjects via Zoom!

The videos, available here, have been launched to coincide with National Careers Week (March 1-6). 

Caitlin Gould, Director at Bluefruit Software in Redruth and Co-Founder of TECgirls, praised how well our Y10 students engaged with the project, saying The work that the students have done with this work experience is remarkable. We have four fantastic videos all created at the highest level of professional quality, not only showing off the range of digital careers in Cornwall but also showcasing the skills of the students from Redruth School who created them." 

Jonny Dry from Studio Erma, who coached our Y10 students in practical film-making skills praised “This project proves that young people can effectively bring their skills, experience and insight into the real world. Despite having to work remotely over Zoom, they provided valuable input throughout the production process and helped shape the four finished films we now have. It was a joy to work with them.” 

Mrs Corker was ve​ry proud of how well the Film Students engaged with this unique online experience and delighted to hear the Managing Director of Screen Cornwall, Laura Giles, call our young film-makers 'inspiring'

Each of the films interviews a young person about their job and why digital skills are important. They showcase different types of careers including hospitality at the Headland Hotel in Newquay; engineering and computer aided design at DP Engineering in Redruth; media at Chaos Group in Truro, and educating people to tackle plastic pollution at Padstow-based community interest company Beach Guardian

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