Child Development

Child development curriculum intent

Vocational education prepares students to have an insight into a particular area of work or trade. Our range of courses enable students to develop the skills and understanding for a particular career pathway with clear progression routes to level 3 qualifications, apprenticeships and employment. The course structures allow students to apply their learning and display their knowledge to the specific context of the subject in the written format of coursework and a final exam. This allows students to be assessed throughout the two-year course and have ownership to build upon their final grade. Child development aims for students to gain applied knowledge in the early years sector with a focus on safety, nutrition, conception and developmental milestones. This supports a comprehensive understanding of the multi-faceted role of the childcare practitioner.


Child Dev LJ 2024

What does the Key Stage 4 curriculum look like?

Child development is made up of three units:

1. RO57: Health and well-being for child development. This covers the importance of pre-conception health and reproduction, antenatal care and preparation for birth. Students learn about postnatal care and the conditions in which a child can thrive. Topics include:

  • Pre-conception health and reproduction

  • Antenatal care and preparation for birth

  • Postnatal checks, postnatal care and the conditions for development

  • Childhood illnesses and a child safe environment.

2. RO58: Creating a safe environment and understanding the nutritional needs of children from birth to 5 years. In this unit students learn how to create a safe environment for children from birth to 5 years in childcare settings. Students research and choose equipment that is suitable and safe for use and learn about children’s nutrition and dietary needs. Topics include:

  • Creating a safe environment in a childcare setting

  • Choosing suitable equipment for a childcare setting

  • Nutritional needs of children from birth to five years.

3. RO59: Understanding the development of a child from 1 to 5 years. Students learn the physical, intellectual and social developmental norms for children from 1 to 5 years. Students learn the importance of creating plans and providing different play activities to support children in their development. Topics include:

  • Physical, intellectual and social developmental norms from one to five years

  • Stages and types of play and how play benefits development

  • Observe the development of a child aged one to five years

  • Plan and evaluate play activities for a child aged one to five years for a chosen area of development.

How can you support learning at home?

All lessons are online and activities filed for easy access. The exam revision is supported through exam practice booklets, exam mock papers, online quizzes, student revision guide with question bank and prepared flash cards. 

Child Development Key Stage 4 Revision Resources

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