Health and Social Care

Health and social care curriculum intent

Vocational education prepares students to have an insight into a particular area of work or trade. Our range of courses enable students to develop the skills and understanding for a particular career pathway with clear progression routes to level 3 qualifications, apprenticeships and employment. The course structures allow students to apply their learning and display their knowledge to the specific context of the subject in the written format of coursework and a final exam. This allows students to be assessed throughout the two year course and have ownership to build upon their final grade. Health and Social Care in particular enables students to understand the rights of individuals, person centred values and how to protect people across all health and social sectors with a vision of what it would be like to work within the setting.

Health and Social Care Curriculum Intent

Health & Social Care LJ 2024


What does the Key Stage 4 curriculum look like?

Year 10 - Students begin the course looking at RO33 Supporting individuals through Life Events which is worth 30% of their overall course. A set age range is given by the exam board to apply the specification content to. Age ranges are Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Older Adulthood. This course covers individuals from birth to death. During this unit students learn the expected growth and developments of all stages through PIES (physical, intellectual, emotional and social), but apply their assessments to the selected age range. Students interview a client about their experience through the life stage and concentrate on two life events that have impacted on their lives. Froom this students learn the different types of support available and apply which support types would benefit their client most with justification of their choices.

In the summer term of Year 10 students start their second and final coursework unit RO34 Creative and therapeutic activities which is also worth 30% of their overall course. Students learn about the benefits different therapies and creative activities have. With this knowledge students then plan, deliver and evaluate a creative activity for a specified health and social care setting. Students finish this unit by January of Year 11.

From January Year 11 students then focus on their examinable unit for the course which is worth 40%: RO32 Principles of care in health and social care settings. This summative assessment covers the rights of service users, person centred values, effective communication and protecting service users.

How can learning be supported at home?

Lessons are shared on Teams along with lesson resources. Students can access these resources at home to enable them to catch up on any missed content.

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