Animal Care

Animal Care Curriculum Intent

Vocational education prepares students to have an insight into a particular area of work or trade. Our range of courses enable students to develop the skills and understanding for a particular career pathway with clear progression routes to level 3 qualifications, apprenticeships and employment. The course structures allow students to apply their learning and display their knowledge to the specific context of the subject in the written format of coursework and a final exam. This allows students to be assessed throughout the two year course and have ownership to build upon their final grade. Animal care in particular enables students to develop lifelong skills and knowledge through the love, care and welfare of animals.

Animal Care Curriculum Intent

Animal Care LJ 2023

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What does the Key Stage 3 curriculum look like?

There is no Key Stage 3 animal care however we are offering a Key Stage 3 Animal Club (levelled certificate tasks Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) at lunch once a week for those with a keen interest in working with animals. 

What does the Key Stage 4 curriculum look like? 

Component One – Animal Handling

This component helps to develop animal handling and restraint skills and build confidence through practical assignments. These are important skills for any career in the animal care sector. Students understand animal behaviour and their impact on animal handling; prepare to handle and restrain correctly by planning; and finally demonstrate safe animal handling and restraint.

Component Two – Animal Housing and Accommodation

This component develops essential skills for anyone planning to work with animals, and students learn how to use these skills both safely and effectively. Students also develop transferable skills such as research and communication. Students will learn about factors affecting the selection of animal accommodation; how to prepare and check animal accommodation using safe working practices; and finally clean out animal accommodation using safe working practices.

Component Three – Animal Health and Welfare

This component develops understanding of the signs of animal health including routine checks, and health checks to look for signs of ill health. Students understand what constitutes good housing to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals. They understand the common diseases, symptoms, and treatments to prevent infection and disease spreading. Finally, they look at the importance of animals in society and the legislation that protects them.

How can you support learning at home? 

Set Assignment brief, exemplars and support sheets can be accessed through Teams for Component 1 and 2. 

For Component 3 theory can be accessed from home using Teams, all lessons are online and activities filed for easy access. The exam revision is supported through exam practice booklets, exam mock papers, online quizzes, student revision guide with question bank and prepared flash cards. 

Animal Care Key Stage 4 Revision Resources

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