Head of Subject: Mrs Tegen Thompson

Welcome to the Science Faculty

Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7 and 8 cover a variety of interesting scientific topics spanning biology, chemistry and physics. 

We focus and on the foundations of science ensuring students have the required skills to move forward and be successful at GCSE and A Level. 

Our text books, highlight key words, scientific facts and help students to develop ‘How Science Works’ skills alongside literacy and numeracy. 

Students are formally assessed with a mixture of tests and level assessed practical tasks. 


Students are set in Year 7 & Year 8.  With continual assessment through both years we are constantly addressing students strengths and weaknesses. 


End of unit tests.

Level assessed tasks

End of year exams 

Key Stage 4 

Students start their GCSE’s in Year 9 following the AQA syllabus. 

Our top students complete Extension science – achieving 3 GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

All other students complete Combined Science Trilogy, achieving 2 GCSE’s. 

External Assessment 

All exams are in May/June of Year 11. Papers are 1hr15mins for Combined Science and 1hr45mins for Extension Science. Each route sit 6 external papers, 2 per Science.

Internal Assessment 

All students will complete an end of unit tests for each unit of study. 

Students not achieving the required grade on these tests will be expected to re-sit. 

There will also be ‘Mock Exams’ each year to replicate the external exams to help improve students exam technique.

How can I help my son/daughter? 

  • Encourage them to use the Doddle and revision activities to help them complete home works and prepare for assessments. 
  • Purchase the recommended revision guides. 
  • Use the EBI comments to improve future work. 
  • Make use of science homework club to get some extra help where needed. 
  • Ensure students attend any tutoring appointments with staff. 
  • Encourage students to plan preparation for all assessments and always ask your teacher if there is any area you are unclear on. 
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