Head of Subject: Mrs Beth Haslam

Mathematics at Redruth School is taught across all year groups in sets covering the full range of abilities. The emphasis is on securing a range of skills that support students both through their GCSE examinations and to be confident users of numeracy in real life. In all year groups students are assessed against GCSE criteria and are closely monitored to ensure that the correct levels of progress are being made against their targets. Set movements can take place following assessments in order to ensure that students are being taught at the correct level. Following every formal examination students receive a RAG sheet which details their progress and areas for improvement on a question by question level.

In Year 7, we teach a consolidation curriculum that ensures students have the skills necessary to manipulate numbers in all of their forms and use the four basic operations. We also have an introduction to the concepts of Algebra. These topics are designed to enhance their KS2 learning and create a platform from which future studies of the new GCSEs can be built. 

Students in Years 8 to 10 study the materials required for AQA GCSE Mathematics. The three year scheme of learning covers all aspects of the foundation and Higher syllabuses. Students either follow the Higher or Foundation tiers, depending on their target grade. The course materials used in lessons for the AQA syllabus are available to all students out of class via internet based versions of the materials. There remains a focus on the ability to complete non-calculator tasks, one exam paper, as well as developing the skills to use calculators to support mathematical skills required for the remaining two exam papers.

Year 11 students complete revision and examination skills practice in order to prepare them for their final examinations. These students also have access to targeted resources using the online resource MathsWatch. All students in Year 11 complete one full examination paper as homework every week from January until their exams.

The Mathematics department uses a variety of online tools to support the learning of the students, these include MathsWatch, Mathletics and Hegarty, students have access to these out of school hours and can use them to support their learning.


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