Head of Subject: Mrs Beth Haslam

Maths curriculum intent

The brain is an extraordinary and distinctive instrument, surpassing in sophistication and complexity even the most advanced computers currently under construction. Mathematics extends beyond mere arithmetic or the memorization of formulas; it involves problem-solving, discerning truths, forming theories, unravelling puzzles, engaging in discussions about methods, and exploring various approaches to work. We believe that our students deserve a vibrant, ambitious and engaging mathematics curriculum; rich in skills, concepts and knowledge that challenge and support all learners to fulfil their potential and be the best they can be. Maths is a skill we use on a daily basis and is an essential part of everyday life, therefore we aim to equip all Redruth students with the knowledge, skills and understanding in maths to improve life chances.

Maths Curriculum Intent

Maths curriculum journey

What does the Key Stage 3 curriculum look like?

In Years 7, 8, and 9, the emphasis is on enhancing students' problem-solving abilities through a variety of tasks that encourage independent learning. They solidify their grasp of numerical skills, concentrating on both mental and written calculation methods, as well as fractions, decimals, and percentages. The introduction of algebra adopts an investigative approach, laying the groundwork for core techniques before progressing to more intricate concepts. Additionally, students continue to advance their understanding of geometry, measures, and statistics. A key aspect is the encouragement of students to articulate their findings verbally and in writing, utilizing precise notation and mathematical terminology. The curriculum aims to foster mathematical thinking, guiding students to work in a systematic and logical manner while instilling an appreciation for the power and elegance inherent in mathematics.

What does the Key Stage 4 curriculum look like?

GCSE Mathematics is a tailored course for 14-16-year-olds. All Year 10 and 11 students study at either higher or foundation level based on their abilities. Some may pursue the Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics and Functional Skills. Further Maths Level 2 is an option for those keen on mathematics. The curriculum deeply explores key concepts—number, algebra, geometry, measures, statistics, and probability. Emphasis is on problem-solving, empowering students to choose methods for real-life situations. Our goal is students reaching their full potential in mathematics, fostering excitement and reward. GCSE results shape future paths, influencing A-levels, vocational courses, or apprenticeships. The curriculum's focus on essential skills, with available resources and support, equips students for success in exams and beyond.

How can you support learning at home?

To support maths at home, please ensure your child is completing their Sparx Maths homework each week.  After every assessment point all students are given a RAG sheet which identifies areas of strength and development.  The RAG sheet lists the codes for the Sparx Maths independent learning area where students can watch videos and practice questions in their own time which will help them improve their understanding of Maths.

Maths Key Stage 4 Revision Resources

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