Introducing our new LEAP Centre

Posted on: 2018-10-08

The LEAP Centre


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The LEAP centre, situated in the heart of the school, at Redruth is designed to celebrate, challenge and extend all students in our school who display a talent or ability to achieve at the higher end of their capabilities. What is important about LEAP at Redruth is that all subjects and all students who display this ability can access facilities that will include high end technology, break out and seminar areas, mentoring, lectures from leading academics and employer organisations that will generate motivation and aspiration.

Our centre will not require an entrance examination and students will continue to follow their existing timetable alongside their peers. Stretch and challenge starts in the classroom for all students and those identified will be invited to participate in a programme of events which will include innovative and focused teaching, the chance for additional qualifications and trips/visits to leading institutions both in the UK and abroad. All students are identified from within teaching groups and those displaying the ability to meet teacher challenges that are designed to excel and stretch them. Students can also be identified for the Brilliant Club which will give them the opportunity to complete a study alongside university lecturers gaining nationally respected certification.

This centre will be launched later in the Autumn term. The layout and facilities will be finalised using our Student Council, Governors and parents. The school has already received a large number of leading educationalist and employers support who will be conducting LEAP lectures.  It is hoped that this will extend further the success and opportunities of our more-able and gifted students in all disciplines for the future.

For more information on the latest events happening in our LEAP Centre visit our page.

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