Religious Studies

Head of Subject: Mrs Suzannah Storey

Welcome to The Religious Studies Department

Courses taught at Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students cover topics from the following:

Religious celebrations, traditions and the  way in that belief is put into action. Students look at the issues that religions can face. Students also look at the cultural influence of religious traditions. 

In year 7 students look at Christianity and Buddhism

During year 8, students look at both Christianity and Islam with some Judaism as well.

In year 8 the focus is looking at how religion can affect the way in which people behave, and the impact that being religious can have on a persons lifestyle. 

The new GCSE course which students in year 10 and below will be studying is  Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies, specification B, Beliefs in Action. Area of Study 1 = Religion and Ethics through Christianity, and Area of Study 2 = Religion, Peace and Conflict through Islam.

Courses taught at Key Stage 4

All students are required to continue with Religious Education until they leave school, however not all students will opt to take the exam. The lessons that students have in year 9,10 and 11 are very reflective and focus around the moral issues and ethical side of the GCSE course. Some students will opt to take the GCSE and they will attend an additional lesson every week to enable them to top their knowledge and understanding up for the examination at the end of year 11. 


Students are taught in the same ability sets as their English classes. This allows us to plan and assess students based on their literacy and comprehension ability. 


Students are evaluated through set assessments in class which are tailored towards their target grades. Due to students only being taught once a fortnight they do not have homework set on a regular basis, and when homework is set it will be a project based bit of work. 

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