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GCSE exam dates - provisional    
Date AM / PM Subject Code Duration Exam board
Mon   15/05/2017 AM Religious Studies   Unit 1 5RS01/01 1hr 30mins Edexcel
  PM Animal Health 21883G01 1hr Edexcel
Tue   16/05/2017 AM French Listening F/H 46551F/H F:35mins H: 45mins AQA
  AM French Reading F/H 46552F/H F: 30mins H: 50mins AQA
  PM Biology Unit 1 (F/H) BL1FP / BL1HP 1 hour AQA
Wed   17/05/2017 AM Construction   Technology 21492E/01 1hr Edexcel
  PM Religious Studies   Unit 8 5RS08/01 1hr 30mins Edexcel
Thu   18/05/2017 AM Chemistry Unit 1   (F/H)  CH1FP / CH1HP 1 hour AQA
  PM Drama Unit 3 4153/01 1hr 30mins WJEC
Fri   19/05/2017 AM Spanish Listening F/H 46951F/H F:35mins H: 45mins AQA
  AM Spanish Reading F/H 46952F/H F: 30mins H: 50mins AQA
  PM Physical Education   Unit 3 48903 1hr 30mins AQA
  PM Sport Studies Unit 1 R051 1hr OCR
Mon   22/05/2017 AM English Literature   Unit 1 C720U10-1 2hrs Edeqas/WJEC
  PM Geography F/H Unit 1 90301F/H 1hr 30mins AQA
Tue 23/05/2017 AM Media Studies Unit 1 48101 1hr 30mins AQA
  AM DT Food Tech  4091/01 2hrs WJEC
Wed   24/05/2017 AM DT Engineering Unit 1 48501 1hr AQA
  PM Physics Unit 1 (F/H) PH1FP / PH1HP 1hr AQA
Thu   25/05/2017 AM Mathematics Paper   1F/H Non-calculator 8300/1F/H 1hr 30mins AQA
Fri   26/05/2017 AM English Literature   Unit 2 C720U20-1 2hrs 30mins Edeqas/WJEC
Mon   05/06/2017 AM History Unit 1B:   Crime & Punishment 5HB01/1B 1hr 15mins Edexcel
Tue   06/06/2017 AM English Language Unit   1 C700U10-1 1hr 45mins Edeqas/WJEC
  PM Geography F/H Unit 2 90302F/H 1hr 30mins AQA
Wed   07/06/2017 AM Computing Unit 1 A451 1hr 30mins OCR
  AM Creative iMedia: Pre-production skills R081 1hr 15mins OCR
Thu   08/06/2017 AM Mathematics Paper   2F/H Calculator 8300/2F/H 1hr 30mins AQA
Fri   09/06/2017 AM Biology Unit 2   (F/H)  BL2FP / BL2HP 1hr AQA
  AM Biology Unit 3 (F/H) BL3FP / BL3HP 1hr AQA
  PM Music Unit 3:   Listening & Appraising 5MU03/01 1hr 30mins Edexcel
Mon   12/06/2017 AM English Language Unit   2 C700U20-1 2hrs Edeqas/WJEC
Tue   13/06/2017 AM Mathematics Paper   3F/H Calculator 8300/3F/H 1hr 30mins AQA
  PM Hospitality &   Catering Unit 2 4732/01 1hr 15mins WJEC
Wed   14/06/2017 AM Chemistry Unit 2   (F/H) CH2FP / CH2HP 1hr AQA
  AM Chemistry Unit 3   (F/H) CH3FP / CH3HP 1hr AQA
  PM History Unit 2C:   Germany 1918-1945 5HB02/2C 1hr 15mins Edexcel
Fri   16/06/2017 AM Physics Unit 2 (F/H) PH2FP / PH2HP 1hr AQA
    Physics Unit 3 (F/H) PH3FP / PH3HP 1hr AQA
Tue   20/06/2017 AM History Unit 3A: The   Transformation of surgery c1845-c1918 5HB03/3A 1hr 15mins Edexcel
Wed   21/06/2017 PM Dance Unit 1 42301 1hr AQA
  PM Business On screen   testing STK07 1hr Edexcel
Mon   26/06/2017 AM DT Product Design   Unit 1 45551 2hrs AQA
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Where a component is linked to more than one element.the level displayed will be the level of the first element that the system detects. The number of candidates shownis for the component as whole.


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